Mike Harrigan vs. Alan 'Dutch' Schaeffer

Mike Harrigan
Mike-harrigan x270

Mike Harrigan

Desert Eagle MK VII


Smith & Wesson 66 Magnum

Remington Model 1100


Allan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer

Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer

AR 15/SP1 with 30mm M203 Launcher Attachment

IMI Desert Eagle

M67 Handgrenades 2x

Combat Knife

Who would Win?

Germankid - It would be a good fight but Dutch would own Harrigan

Andrew - I think this may be the easiest to determine, but I definitely give it to Arnold. He built everything to beat the Predator. Danny Glover had to use the Predator's own weapon. LAME!!!!

Kevin - Yeah, definitely Arnold.

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