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In Mad Max, Max Rockatansky is a Main Force Petrol officer fighting for peace on the roads of a dystopic Australia. Max is quiet, rarely speaking to any great extent, and never paying much attention to his steadily-increasing reputation. He and his wife, Jessie, have an infant son, Sprog.

Though the best officer on the force, he is secretly afraid that he is becoming as cold and heartless as the criminals he pursues. He reaches a breaking point when a gang of bikers attack his partner, Goose, and burn him alive inside his own car; Max announces that he is quitting the force and goes on holiday with Jessie and Sprog. The bikers follow them, however, and eventually kill Max's wife and child. Overcome with grief and rage, he systematically pursues and kills the entire gang. He is last seen driving out into the wasteland, leaving the fading remnants of civilization


Mad Max in the first Mad Max film

behind him.

Mad Max 2: The Road WarriorEdit

In this film, set less than five years after the first film, Max, while wandering the wasteland of the outback, discovers a besieged group of people manning a remote oil drilling station and refinery. After losing nearly all of his remaining worldly possessions, including his dog and his car, the "Pursuit Special", Max, with few options, agrees to help the refinery's denizens to escape through hordes of marauding motorcycle gang members.

In this film, although Max has lost everything, he is able to find, at least in part, his humanity once again. However, he still cannot form any significant bonds with others and chooses to continue wandering the Earth alone.


Mad max in Mad Max 2

Mad Max Beyond ThunderdomeEdit

In this edition of the Mad Max series, it has been nineteen years since Max Rockatansky left his life behind him following his revenge killings of the Toecutter and his gang, and his later defeat of Humungus. Since that time he has wandered through the outback, scavenging whatever he needed for survival. His hair has grown long, and very few remnants of his old police uniform remain recognizable.

In this movie, Max is able to finally complete the full circle. He regains his humanity and soul, once again, and sacrifices his own freedom (and, possibly, his life) for the sake of others.

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Mad Max in Mad Max 3