Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla is a 1974 tokusatsu Kaiju Film.thumb|300px|right


In Okinawa a small ancient statue is unearthed, and a prophecy revealed: When a black mountain appears in the sky and the sun rises in the West, a monster will arise to destroy the world. The statue of the mythical monster King Ceaser, protector of Okinawa, is vital to its revival should the prophecy come true.

Before long, the signs appear: a giant black cloud in the shape of a mountain is seen, and a mirage creates the illusion of a Western sunrise. Godzilla emerges from Mount Fuji on a destructive, unprovoked rampage. Former ally Anguirus confronts Godzilla, only to be cruelly and violently defeated when Godzilla breaks Anguirus' jaw.

Another Godzilla battles the rampant Godzilla and reveals it to be an impostor. It is Mecha-Godzilla, a titanic robot created by ape-like aliens from the third planet from the black hole to destroy the genuine Godzilla and conquer Earth. Mecha-Godzilla unleashes its full arsenal on Godzilla and the wounded monster collapses into the sea. Too damaged from the encounter to effectively continue the attack, Mecha-Godzilla retreats for repairs. Returning to Monster Island, Godzilla is repeatedly struck and energized by mysterious bolts of lightning.

Its repairs completed, Mecha-Godzilla is unleashed to destroy King Caesar, but Godzilla comes to the rescue. After a bloody battle between the three titans, Godzilla generates a magnetic field against Mecha-Godzilla, dragging the metallic monstrosity within reach. Godzilla twists Mecha-Godzilla's head off and the robot's body explodes. The aliens' base is destroyed, and both King Caesar and Godzilla return from whence they came.

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