Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah is a 1991 Japaniese Science Fiction Film.thumb|300px|right


Kenichiro Terasawa (Kosuke Toyohara), an author of books on Physich Phenomina, believes he's discovered Godzilla's true origin. During World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers stationed on Lagos Island in South Pacific were unintentionally saved by Godzillasaurus, which attacked and killed a group of American soldiers who had landed on the island in February 1944 as part of the Gilbert of Marshal island campaign. While all of the Japanese soldiers on the nearby Islands fought and died to the last man, the Japanese soldiers on Lagos survived the war and eventually returned to Japan. In 1954, the island was destroyed by a hydrogen bomb test, just months before Godzilla first attacked Tokyo.

Yasuaki Shindo (Yoshio Tsuchiya), who commanded the Japanese on Lagos, is now a wealthy businessman who denies the dinosaur's existence. Meanwhile, a UFO lands on mount Fuji. When the army investigates, they are greeted by Wilson (Chuck Wilson), Grenchiko (Richard Berger), Emmy Kano and an android named M-11 (Roberto Scott Field). The visitors, called the Futurians, explain that they're from the year 2204, a time long after Japan had been completely destroyed by Godzilla. They explain that they can time travel back to 1944 and remove Godzillasaurus from Lagos, thereby avoiding the creation of Godzilla. As proof of their story, Emmy presents to the Japanese government a copy of Terasawa's book, which he hasn't even written yet.

Terasawa, psychic Miki Seagusa (Megumi Odaka) and Professor Mazaki (Katsuhiko Sasaki) board a time shuttle and travel back in time to Lagos in 1944. As American forces land on the island and engage the Japanese forces commanded by Shindo, Godzillasaurus attacks and kills the American soldiers. However, subsequent bombardment from American naval vessels leaves it gravely wounded. Shindo and his men, after thanking Godzillasaurus with a salute for saving them, withdraw. M-11 then teleports the dinosaur far from Lagos. They then return to 1992, but not before releasing three golden bird like creatures on Lagos. The radiation as a result of the nuclear test mutated them into King Ghidorah, which the Futurians use in the present day to subjugate Japan. They issue an ultimatum, but Japan refuses to surrender.

Feeling sympathy for the Japanese, Emmy reveals the truth behind the Futurians' mission: In the future, Japan became very wealthy and its economy surpassed that of the United States, Russia and China - the Futurians in fact stole the time machine and plan to use King Ghidorah to alter the future by devastating or subjugating present-day Japan, thus preventing its future economic reign. After she is returned to her ship by M-11, who was sent by her companions to see how the Japanese would react, she reprograms M-11. With his, and Terasawa's aid, they sabotaged the controls to Ghidorah in the UFO. However, Emmy's companion reveal that their ship is bound to automatic time warp in the event of sabotage.

Shindo, meanwhile, believes that Godzilla can be re-created using his nuclear submarine. But while on its mission, the submarine is destroyed by Godzilla; Terasawa learns that a Russian nuclear submarine sank in the same region Godzillasaurus was teleported to, giving off enough radiation to create the same Godzilla who destroyed Tokyo in 1985 and battled Biollante in 1989.

Godzilla then arrives in Japan and makes short work of King Ghidorah and the UFO, which was teleported by M-11 before it could time warp, killing Wilson and Grenchiko. He then ravages on Tokyo, and Shindo is killed; though not before he and Godzilla share a brief moment of the two remembering each other from when they first met on Lagos Island in 1944, and Godzilla is seemingly sad for once.

Emmy however, travels to the future and returns with Mecha-King Ghidorah, a resurrected cyborg version of the original. Battling in the heart of Tokyo, Emmy carries Godzilla off and drops the monster together with Ghidorah into the ocean. She then returns to the future in the time shuttle, but not before informing Terasawa that she is a descendant of his.

At the bottom of the sea, Godzilla recovers and roars over Mecha-King Ghidorah's body.

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